Since 1983 Current Electrical Service has provided prompt, professional and courteous service with well trained and experienced electricians.

Current Electrical Service offers a comprehensive electrical safety service agreement which includes the following:

Annual Electrical Safety Agreement

  • Annual check up, plus minor repairs of your homes electrical system
  • 10% discount on all services
  • Priority service
  • Peace of mind knowing your electrical system is operating safely and efficiently

Once a Year We Will:

  • Test all electrical outlets in your home for proper operation
  • Check all light switches in your home for proper operation
  • Replace up to four damaged outlet or switch covers
  • Test all smoke detectors below 4 metres for proper operation and replace batteries as needed


  • Perform a load calculation on your switchboard to be sure your system is not overloaded and therefore unsafe
  • Check and clean your main switchboard and tighten wiring as needed
  • Test all circuit breakers for safe, efficient operation
  • Check for overloaded circuits
  • Test all ceiling and exhaust fans (up to 4 metres) in the home and check for proper operation
  • Test all security lighting to be sure it is in proper working order
  • Perform earth loop impedance test
  • Check your homes Surge Protection System (if so equipped)
  • Reset all eletric and electronic timers to current season
  • Check main earth connections and test
  • Create an electrical to-do list
  • Create a wish-list for you to consider during the coming year

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